Azioni da Comprare nel 2020

Come ogni anno, eccoci alla consueta raccolta delle migliori azioni da comprare per il 2020, divise per...

Quali azioni comprare durante la Recessione 2020

Abbiamo già parlato delle azioni da comprare nel 2020. Come avevamo già scritto nel nostro precedente articolo, nel 2020 potrebbe verificarsi una...

Come scegliere Azioni da comprare oggi?

Molti utenti mi scrivono chiedendomi il metodo per scegliere le azioni da comprare oggi: ecco perché nell'articolo di oggi voglio spiegarvi qual...

Segnali di Trading: come trovarli e quali scegliere

Oggi parliamo di un argomento che interessa a molti, soprattutto perché si vede in essi la ricetta...


I Migliori ETF da comprare nel 2020

Abbiamo selezionato i primi cinque fondi negoziati in borsa su valori (ETF) in base alla loro attenzione alle azioni...

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Some of the major earnings releases for next week’s trading

The earnings season is underway It always it seems like we just finished the last cycle of earnings, but with the release of Citigroup, J.P. Morgan and Wells Fargo earnings...

Trading Tools

Settore automobili e stagionalità: su quali azioni puntare? (da AssistenzaBrokers) Nuovo appuntamento di live trading, dedicato a tutti gli...

Quali azioni sono sopravvalutate e quali sottovalutate?

Per rispondere a questa domanda utilizziamo il nostro tools DRA (DYNAMIC RATING ANALYSIS)Utilizziamo in maniera intelligente le Raccomandazioni...

3 titoli da seguire questa settimana: Walmart, Tesla, Deere & Company

Sembra che niente possa fermare lo slancio rialzista del mercato azionario USA. L’indice , ad esempio, è salito...

Telecom Risp.: prezzi vicini alle resistenze principali di febbraio

Telecom (MI:) Risp.: ci aspettiamo un ulteriore avvicinamento alle resistenze poste a 0.5040/5060 e 0.5150/5170, seguito dalla ripresa...

Unipol: eventuali arretramenti come occasioni di acquisto

Unipol: eventuali arretramenti come occasioni di acquisto Articolo pubblicato


China data is due at 0200GMT – GDP preview

Data from China due on Monday 18 January 2021 at 10 am Beijing time (0200GMT): As posted earlier: I'm a wee bit snowed under so if you are after a preview I'll refer to this helpful pice from Reuters that discusses what's going on China a little more widely also:

Singapore data: December NODX +6.8% y/y (beats expected of -0.7%)

 Singapore's December non-oil domestic exports (NODX) in Dec 2020 - expected -0.7%, prior -5.0% y/y  - for the m/m +6.6% (SA) (+3.7% prior) Electronics exports +13.7% y/y (prior -4%)

USD strength in Asia morning trade

The US dollar is higher, currencies lower pretty much across the board against it.

US stock index futures are trading lower to kick off the new week

Globex trading is open and equity index futures are softer to open the week. ICYMI its a US holiday on Monday: Futures markets will be impacted. For equity index futures, for example (many others are similar but do check them out yourself if you need specifics)::

Goldman Sachs forecasts for EUR/USD and USD/JPY (USD weaker)

Projections for the year ahead for these two major FX pairs: GS cite: GS like a higher AUD and CAD against the dollar also. 

Reuters Japan monthly tankan – manufacturers index less pessimistic but non-manufacturers slump deeper negative

The monthly Reuters poll seeks to track the Bank of Japan's tankan quarterly survey. - January manufacturers' sentiment index -1 vs December -9 - Service-sector index -11 in January vs December -4

Canadian media report Biden to cancel Keystone XL pipeline permit on first day in office

Citing unnamed sources. This is a CAD negative, an impact on what would have been more exports. Canada's CBC news report: --- The proposed pipeline would connect terminals in Hardisty, Alberta, and Steele City, Nebraska for export of synthetic crude oil and diluted bitumen from the oil sands of Canada.

BoA investor survey shows short USD still a very popular trade

Bank of America survey of 77 fund managers globally completed January 8 - 13  Circa 33% (the largest group) said it's too early to consider when the recent greenback selloff will stop

Trade ideas thread – Monday 18 January 2021

Welcome again to the new week folks - Any charts, technical analysis, trade ideas, thoughts, views, ForexLive traders would like to share and discuss with fellow ForexLive traders, please do so:         

Economic calendar due from Asia today – China Q4 GDP and December ‘activity data’

Chinese economic growth figures are never very far from consensus expectations <cough> (Not a covid cough folks ...). Anyway, here goes with the data agenda for the session:

Yellen to be the only government official permitted to speak on the dollar

The new administration of incoming President Biden is to restore the norm where no other cabinet officials or White House staff apart from the Treasure Secretary will talk about the dollar. 

Yellen will affirm commitment to a market-determined level for the USD rate

Dow Jones / with the report that: Janet Yellen testifies on Capitol Hill Tuesday before the Senate Finance Committee as it considers her nomination to be the next U.S. Treasury secretary

Monday morning levels – indicative forex prices – 18 January 2021

Good morning, afternoon or evening to all ForexLive traders and welcome to the start of the new FX week! Some small change only from late Friday levels: And, we'll get to do the low liquidity thing, sort of, all over again tomorrow with:

UK covid cases turn lower, showing variant can be controlled

What the turn lower in UK cases means The UK reported 38,598 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, which is the lowest since December 27 and the clearest sign yet that the UK has gotten the upper hand on the worrisome variant that caused the latest round of lockdowns.

Reminder: Monday is a holiday in the US

Markets closed on Monday Monday is Martin Luther King Jr Day in the US, making it a market holiday. US equity and bond markets are fully closed. Of course, the FX market never closes for holidays but liquidity will be considerably constrained. Canadian markets are open but the economic calendar is...

McConnell tells Senators that Trump impeachment vote will be one of conscience

16 Republican Senators could ban Trump from running again Pelosi said she will send the articles of impeachment to the Senate next week. I had thought that the idea would die with Biden's inauguration but that's not going to be the case. A big reason is because if he's convicted, Schumer...

MUFG trade of the week: Sell EUR/JPY

EUR/JPY trade idea Analysts at MUFG reccomend selling EUR/JPY in the week ahead with a target of 123.00 and a stop at 127.30. "We are recommending a short EUR/JPY trade idea to take advantage of the euro's downward momentum in the near-term," they write.

Baker Hughes oil rigs rise to 287 from 275 last week.

Oil rigs above estimate of 278. Oil and gas rigs have risen now for the 8th consecutive week.

Some of the major earnings releases for next week’s trading

The earnings season is underway It always it seems like we just finished the last cycle of earnings, but with the release of Citigroup, J.P. Morgan and Wells Fargo earnings today, the season is restarting.

UK to close all travel corridors on Monday

Boris Johnson cites risk of new strains All travel corridors will close from 4 am on Monday. Johnson also highlights that nearly 45% of all +80-year olds have received the first dose of the vaccine.

CFTC commitments of traders: EUR longs move back up to December highs

Weekly forex futures positioning data from the CFTC - EUR long 156K vs 143K long last week. Long increased by 13K - GBP long 13K vs 4K long last week. Longs increased by 9K

The pound was the top performer this week

GBP narrowly beats out JPY and USD It was a tight race at the top of the FX charts this week that grew much tighter after today's drop in cable. Yet sterling has managed to hang onto its title, at least so far. It's a few pips higher on the week...

EU to set out plans to lessen its reliance on the USD

reports on moves from the European Union to lay out plans to limit its reliance on the USD ’s vulnerability to US sanctions and to financial risks. Measures proposed include

ForexLive Americas FX news wrap: Sell-the-stimulus mood boost dollar

Forex news for North American trade on January 15, 2020: Markets: There was a decided risk off tone in markets and that meant a bid in the US dollar even as Treasury yields slid. It was a classic 'sell the fact' move after Biden's big stimulus plan, something I about.

Moderna Inc in crescita dopo l’annuncio del Vaccino Coronavirus ($MRNA: Nasdaq)

Secondo il Wall Street Journal la Startup Moderna Inc, una delle più apprezzate nel settore sanitario, sostiene di aver ottenuto buoni risultati nello sviluppo di un trial per il vaccino contro il Coronavirus. Vedremo nelle prossime settimane se questo sarà confermato, ma...

Azioni settore Health: Livongo (LVGO) è un’opportunità di crescita esponenziale?

(da Seeking Alpha) Quando trovi un'azienda giovane con opportunità esponenziali di crescita a lungo termine, acquistare in anticipo e resistere negli anni può produrre rendimenti spettacolari se la tesi si svolge bene. Livongo Health ( LVGO ) è un attore altamente innovativo nel settore sanitario...

Come reagiranno le azioni Apple al Coronavirus?

(da Yahoo Finanza) Lunedì, con la chiusura dei mercati statunitensi, Apple ( AAPL ) ha annunciato che a causa del coronavirus non avrebbe rispettato le linee guida sui ricavi del primo trimestre. La società ha citato due fattori nel suo comunicato stampa: i...

Azioni Amazon (Nasdaq: $AMZN)

Le Azioni Amazon sono quotate al Nasdaq e rappresentano per capitalizzazione una tra le azioni più acquistate e vendute in tutto il mondo. Cosa significa questo? Immaginate quanti operatori di trading, investitori istituzionali e gestori di fondi possano avere nei loro portafogli...

Coronavirus: quali azioni comprare?

L'allarme Coronavirus ha gettato nel panico le borse asiatiche e USA, con ripercussioni in tutti i mercati finanziari del mondo: quali azioni conviene comprare per tutelarsi durante tutta la durata di questo allarme? Chiaramente anche nei periodi più drammatici come un eventuale...

Azioni per Cassettisti 2020

Vediamo quali sono le Azioni per Cassettisti da comprare nel 2020 e tenere in portafoglio almeno per due anni. Prima però dobbiamo fare una premessa necessaria: vengono detti Cassettisti tutti coloro che - a differenza di chi compra e vende in giornata o in tempi brevi (settimane)...