Azioni da Comprare nel 2020

Come ogni anno, eccoci alla consueta raccolta delle migliori azioni da comprare per il 2020, divise per...

Quali azioni comprare durante la Recessione 2020

Abbiamo già parlato delle azioni da comprare nel 2020. Come avevamo già scritto nel nostro precedente articolo, nel 2020 potrebbe verificarsi una...

Come scegliere Azioni da comprare oggi?

Molti utenti mi scrivono chiedendomi il metodo per scegliere le azioni da comprare oggi: ecco perché nell'articolo di oggi voglio spiegarvi qual...

Segnali di Trading: come trovarli e quali scegliere

Oggi parliamo di un argomento che interessa a molti, soprattutto perché si vede in essi la ricetta...


I Migliori ETF da comprare nel 2020

Abbiamo selezionato i primi cinque fondi negoziati in borsa su valori (ETF) in base alla loro attenzione alle azioni...

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USDJPY putting in strong reversal on weekly chart

Yields falling and quicker rate hike expectations on virus fears. The weekly chart is showing a strong rejection of 115.00 and, if the close...

Trading Tools

Settore automobili e stagionalità: su quali azioni puntare? (da AssistenzaBrokers) Nuovo appuntamento di live trading, dedicato a tutti gli...

Quali azioni sono sopravvalutate e quali sottovalutate?

Per rispondere a questa domanda utilizziamo il nostro tools DRA (DYNAMIC RATING ANALYSIS)Utilizziamo in maniera intelligente le Raccomandazioni...

3 titoli da seguire questa settimana: Walmart, Tesla, Deere & Company

Sembra che niente possa fermare lo slancio rialzista del mercato azionario USA. L’indice , ad esempio, è salito...

Telecom Risp.: prezzi vicini alle resistenze principali di febbraio

Telecom (MI:) Risp.: ci aspettiamo un ulteriore avvicinamento alle resistenze poste a 0.5040/5060 e 0.5150/5170, seguito dalla ripresa...

Unipol: eventuali arretramenti come occasioni di acquisto

Unipol: eventuali arretramenti come occasioni di acquisto Articolo pubblicato


Forexlive Nth American FX News 26 Nov – Omicron fears hit stock bulls alpha

Risk off reigns Black Friday sale hits the markets. Did you grab a bargain? Europe's Stoxx 600 sees worse day sine June 2020Dow saw the biggest one day drop since Oct 28, 2020Nasdaq closes with biggest one day drop since Sep 28

WHO names new COVID variant ‘omicron’

It's a greek letter  So the rumours was it was going to be called Nu (another greek letter that looks like this 'v') . The next letter after Nu would be Xi. It looks weird, and I don't know the unicode for the keyboard, but here is a picture of...

US to impose travel restrictions on 8 SA countries due to new variant

Limiting movement The more restrictions of movement that build the worse this will be for risk and oil prices. The US now joining Canada in limiting border access.

Book review: Thinking, Fast and Slow by D.Kahneman

What's your thinking like?  Are you a robust statistical thinker? Have you ever studied statistics and probabilities? Do you rely solely on gut feel and intuition? 

USDJPY putting in strong reversal on weekly chart

Yields falling and quicker rate hike expectations on virus fears. The weekly chart is showing a strong rejection of 115.00 and, if the close is right, a bearish engulfing bar taking in over a month of price. Technically this opens up a re-test of 112 for next week. 

WHO raises preliminary study issue which may hit risk into close

Some comments breaking  But the main issues remains - is the vaccine effective against it? 

Canada closing borders to passengers from South Africa

An abundance of caution Canada the latest country trying to shut borders from the SA variant. If the delta is anything to go by, then it is hard to contain a variant. 

Novavax onto tackling the variant

Another vaccine manufacturer on the case JnJ, AstraZeneca already on the case. Now Novavax joins the fight. 

Review: Truth and Li(e)bor. S. Contogoulas

As slippy as an eel  Ok folks, anything big breaks I am here. However, check out this book review on a little book I recently read on the Libor scandal out of the UK. Here was my take on it. 

Johnson & Johnson: Testing against new SA variant has already begun

This is good .  It means we should find out pretty quickly what the true risk is of this new variant This whole saga could disappear as quickly as it has come if the vaccine is found to be effective against the variant.

World Health Organisation due to release press statement within next hour

WHO press release due, according to top SA scientist de Oliveira Talk about a panicking market! Risk off selling has stalled for now as markets take some comfort from some recent headlines over vaccine work and anecdotal evidence suggesting new variant is not necessarily a big threat. Still too many...

European markets close heavily down on variant fears

ouch  Tough landing for European markets which were already facing headwinds from rising COVID cases Europe's Stoxx 600 sees worse day sine June 2020

South Africa Health Minister says reaction to COVID variant is unjustified

Storm in a teacup? However, if the virus is more transmissible then the concern is justified to some extent. This will not reassure thin jumpy markets.

Canada September Budget Balance C$11.41 vs C-9.83 bln prior

Statistics Canada  Budget, year to date (April - September): C$-68.57B vs -57.15bln prior. The budget deficit is nothing new and weak oil is dragging the CAD down today.

South African scientist Sanne on vaccine efficacy on variant

This sounds promising  This is good.  Remember that it is going to be hospitals and deaths that markets are most concerned about - not merely transmission. Does the vaccine still work, that's what everyone wants to know

UK National Virology Consortium on new variant mutations

Mutation news This has not halted the steady risk off tones which are now continuing. Pretty unclear what it means to those outside of the National Virology Consortium. Expect scientists to be going through this with a fine tooth comb over the weekend.  Oil at fresh lows, Dow at fresh...

Why is the USD weak today (sometimes it is strong on risk off flows)

Just smile Remember the USD smile theory? Well sometimes the USD has different drivers at different times. .  See here for one article I have written on this

NZDJPY: Chart in focus for dip buyers on CB divergence

NZDJPY gains? The risk off markets have hit the risk sensitive NZDJPY pair hard. However, medium term there is good value here if this latest variant scare proves to be a false alarm. 

ICYMI: Adam and Ashraif on USD, JPY, EUR & gold.

If things start to slow If you are looking for something to fill a slow hour then don't miss this chat from earlier in the Asia session with Adam and Ashraif.

US oil makes fresh lows on EU agency headline

Down over 7% on the day If the world goes back into lockdowns then oil demand will tank sharply lower. y hits risk and sends US oil down through daily lows. Price is at daily support around 72.50.  Next key support sits below this at 67.00

EU Agency names new COVID strain a ‘variant of concern’

Risk hit a little more Equity markets pushing back towards daily lows on this headline. WHO is still meeting and set to give their verdict at some point today. Expect it to move the risk needle again when the WHO comment breaks

Pfizer: 100 days to produce variant vaccine

1/3 of a year Ok, so that is a rough timescale in case this blows up. Also remember that BioNTech expects dat from lab tests on new South African COVID variant in two weeks and that may require a vaccine adjustment. 

BoE’s Pill: Jobs market continues to be strong

BoE Pill is a hawk and has stressed earlier in the month about the risk of delaying too long on interest rate hikes (Nov 15). Currently 65% chance of 10bps hike in December and Sonia futures pricing in just under 1% rise for next year.

Risk off markets, but definite pause from earlier selling

Taking stock As yet there are still many unknowns. Is the variant vaccine resistant? Is it more highly transmissible? Is it more or less deadly than the delta variant?

What’s ahead in another thinner market

Thin markets, fat moves :  Yesterday we flagged the dangers of thin markets Remember that low volatility in the markets can s. mean either small moves or outsized moves if any significant news break

Two suspected cases of the new COVID-19 variant have been reportedly detected in Belgium

That would make Belgium the first European country to detect the strain According to The Telegraph . As mentioned earlier, as much as the EU says it would want to shore up border controls to prevent the latest virus variant from entering, little do they know that it has already...